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How to draw Brachiosaurus with a pencil step-by-step drawing tutorial.

In today's drawing tutorial, we will learn to draw Brachiosaurus. Its chest is bigger than its back. It has an enormously long neck which allowed it to reach for the leaves on the trees, much like the modern giraffe.

Step 1. Outline the body of Brachiosaurus with two circles.

Start drawing the brachiosaurus by drawing the 2 circles representing the front and the back parts of the Brachiosaurus's body.

Step 2. Outline the rest of the Brachiosaurus's body.

Draw the body of the Brachiosaurus around the two circles, add its tail, legs, neck, and head. The legs stretch below the body of brachiosaurus by the diameter of the smaller circle. The neck length is about the two diameters of the larger circles.

Step 3. Finalizing the drawing of Brachiosaurus.

In the last step of our drawing tutorial, start erasing the auxiliary lines while drawing the details of the body, neck, head, and legs of our Brachiosaurus. Next, hatch the dark areas under the body and on back legs. The drawing of Brachiosaurus is complete.

How to draw brachiosaurus with a pencil step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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