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How to draw Apatosaurus with pencil step-by-step drawing tutorial

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In today's drawing tutorial, we will be drawing Apatosaurus. Unlike Brachiosaurus which had a more massive chest, Apatosaurus had bigger back part. Its hind legs were also longer and more massive. This likely allowed Apatosaurus stand up on the hind legs to reach for the leaves on trees and defend itself from predators.

Step 1. Outline the body of Apatosaurus with two circles.

Draw the two circles to mark the size of the front and the back parts of Apatosaurus.

Step 2. Draw the body, legs, tail, and neck of Apatosaurus.

Draw the body of Apatosaurus around our auxiliary circles. Then draw its legs. As you can see, the legs go below the body of Apatosaurus by about a radius (half circle) of the larger circle. When drawing the tail of Apatosaurus, take note it is quite long, flexible, and thin at its end. This allowed Apatosaurus to defend with its tail from predators using it like a whip. The neck of Apatosaurus is not as long as that of Brachiosaurus and stretches only the length of the larger circle diameter.

Step 3. Finalizing the drawing of Apatosaurus.

In the last step of our Apatosaurus drawing tutorial, hatch the body and legs of our dinosaur. Draw its toes. Then shade the bottom of the body and the darker spots on its legs.

How to draw Apatosaurus with pencil step-by-step drawing tutorial

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