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How to draw a camel. Step-by-step tutorial.

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Drawing a camel should not be a difficult lesson for you if you have tried to draw a horse or a giraffe before. The proportions of the body and legs of these animals are very similar. Of course, the camel has its main feature - one or two humps, thanks to which the camel's drawing cannot be confused with the drawing of other animals. But it is better to draw a camel in such a way that it does not only look like a camel.

How to draw a camel. Step-by-step tutorial.

1. The initial contours of the camel drawing

How to draw a camel. The initial contours of the camel drawing

First, draw a circle for the camel's head. Then draw the line of the neck and the lower outline of the torso. The small circles will help you mark the position of the legs in the drawing. After this markup, it will be much easier for you to draw a camel.

2. Drawing contours of camel humps

How to draw a camel. Step 2. Drawing contours of camel humps

Make the top outline of the camel along with the two humps. As a result, you should already have a sketch of the torso along with the head and neck. It is very important to draw all the proportions exactly, so check the drawing carefully again and proceed to the next step.

3. Drawing a camel's head

How to draw a camel. Step 3. Drawing a camel's head

At this stage, you need to draw the turned head and legs. Notice the camel's hooves. They are wide and flat and quite unlike the hooves of a horse. The legs of a camel are straight and not bent like a horse, so it will be easier to draw them. Don't make the legs too short or the camel will look like a pony.

4. Drawing camel's legs

How to draw a camel. Step 4. Drawing camel's legs

In the next steps, drawing will be very easy. After all, your camel is almost drawn. You just need to outline the legs with contour lines and draw his head in more detail.

5. Drawing of a camel. Detailing

Drawing of a camel. Step 5. Detailing

Carefully erase the contour lines of the pencil. Draw the small details of the head such as the ears, nostrils, and mouth. A small "bush" of wool grows on the tops of the humps. For greater realism, wide "corns" on the legs near the torso also need to be drawn. On these outgrowths, the camel lies down on the hot sand to rest. Draw a long tail and after that, you can start coloring the camel drawing.

6. Drawing a camel. Final stage

Drawing a camel. Step 6. Final stage

The camel has an almost sand-colored color, so if you do not shade the drawing with a simple pencil, you can color it with colored pencils with a yellow tint. Be sure to draw a sandy desert landscape. Then, the camel drawing will be more realistic. And if you draw in the distance another caravan of several camels against the backdrop of dunes, then this will already be a whole picture.

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