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How to draw an open box with pencil step-by-step drawing tutorial

Today, in our new drawing tutorial, we will learn to draw an open box in steps. You can use it for Holidays theme, fill it it in with presents as you wish.

Step 1. Start the box drawing by outlining its corner and axes.

First, we want to draw the nearest to us corner. With that, you will also draw the box's axes that define the dimensions of the box: its height, width, and length.

Step 2. Continue adding axes for the top of the box.

Using the dimensions for the bottom of the box we want to draw almost parallel lines for the top part of the box. We look at the box from the top, hence the angles. The lines are "almost" parallel since we want to show the perspective, meaning the back of the box is away from us and the back of the box looks smaller.

Step 3. Finalize the shape of the box.

As you can see, we have drawn all sides and axis of the box. The perspective of our drawing shows the closest vertical axis is the longest, the axis on the back is the shortest, the axes on the sides are somewhere in the middle.

Step 4. Drawing the box's flaps.

Next, we want to draw the flaps for our box. You don't want to make them too straight; slightly curved lines are more visually appealing.

Step 5. Start shading the box drawing.

Now, we want to add some shading to our box drawing. To do that, you need to imagine the source of light and darken the parts that would be in the shade. Before you start shading, you will want to remove the parts of the box axes that are not visible. In our drawing below, the axes are there for visual aid.

Step 6. Finalizing the box drawing.

In our drawing we roughly apply hatching to the sizes of the box. For your drawing, you may want to apply a fine hatching.

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